Codename F needs YOU!

What does freedom mean to you? Our Year of Young People co-programmers have been working hard over the last four months exploring many different aspects of freedom and refining their ideas into a series of entertaining and inspiring events taking place at the Book Festival this August, which they’ve called Codename F. You can find out all about their events here.

Now they want to hear your thoughts!

On Tuesday 14 August, as part of Codename F, they will be hosting a free drop-in event called Freedom to Be Heard. The aim is to bring together young, and not so young, people to talk about all sorts of topics. The event takes place in The Bookshop on George Street and everyone is welcome!

As well as gathering the opinions of people who drop in on the day, our young programmers also want to hear the thoughts of people of all ages from around Scotland, the rest of the UK and the world. Young people, youth groups, schools, book groups, community groups – we want to hear from you!

How to get involved:

All we’re asking you to do is finish the following statement:

‘Freedom is…’

You can either send us a photo of yourself (or a group photo) holding up a sheet of A4 paper with your finished statement eg ‘Freedom is… being able to do what you want’ written on it. Please make sure your writing is legible in the photo!


Send us a short video (max. 30 seconds) telling us what freedom means to you.

Please email your submission to 

If your video file is too large to send by email, we recommend you use WeTransfer – a free, easy-to-use email web-based file transfer tool:

Our young programmers have given you some great examples below:

If you need some inspiration to get you thinking about freedom, then why not try some of the activities in our Exploring Freedom Learning Resource.

Come along:

Join us at the Freedom to be Heard event between 10.00am – 5.30pm on Tuesday 14 August to see your thoughts on freedom displayed alongside those of other people from around the country and around the world.

Please note: by sending us your submission, you are agreeing to the Edinburgh International Book Festival using the submission as part of the Festival and in other related publicity including on our website, Learning Site and on social media.

About the Year of Young People 2018

In 2018, Scotland puts its young people in the spotlight, celebrating their talents, contributions and creating new opportunities for them to shine. The Year of Young People 2018 is a year-long programme of events and activities that will give young people in Scotland the opportunity to show the world what they are made of.