Could you lead the nation in Scotland 2049?

We are partnering with Scottish Youth Parliament and Festival of Politics to invite young people to share their vision for Scotland in the year 2049.

The year is 2049 in Scotland. You are running to become a member of Scottish Parliament. You need to convince your constituents to vote for you by addressing their concerns and showing them you’re a leader ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Ready to take part?

  • Write a short (500 words) manifesto outlining three core issues that concern Scottish citizens in 2049. This will be the foundation of your campaign!

    Will the workforce be replaced by robots? How will climate change have impacted day-to-day life? How will schools look? Will we finally be able to travel by hovercraft? Choose whatever issues interest you – it’s up to you, future leader, to identify the problems and opportunities in a future Scotland and think of solutions!

  • Come up with a slogan for your campaign. Make it short, snappy and about you!

  • Film a short campaign video encouraging citizens to vote for you.

    Remember, you’re aiming to be elected in 2049. Have fun with it and try dressing up in futuristic clothes or accessories, add some futuristic sounds or filters.

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