Julian Clary

Animal Antics with Julian Clary

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Getting inspiration to write rib-tickling tales from a top British comedian.

Watch a filmed interview with author and comedian Julian Clary and hear about how he comes up with the characters and stories in his hilarious series, The Bolds. Then, use his inspiration to write your own comical tales.

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Julian Clary is a British comedian with over 30 years of experience on TV and stage, all of which goes into his hilarious children’s book series The Bolds. During the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival, our young reporters Angelina and Georgia got the chance to speak to Julian. Watch the interview below – then read on for our activities inspired by Julian and his family of hilarious hyenas!

Activity – Writing Rib-tickling Tales

In the interview, Julian says that he came up with the idea of The Bolds series as a child, and he based the characters around his family.

Imagine your family were animals. What kind of animals would they be? How would their character traits transfer to the animal kingdom?

Think about whether they would have to hide their true identity from friends and neighbours. How would they do this and what kind of trouble could they get into?

Once you’ve thought about the points above, start writing a funny story about the adventures your family would get up to. Don’t forget to channel David Roberts and illustrate your story too!

Further information:

Young reporters Angelina and Georgia are part of What’s Your Story?, Scottish Book Trust’s development programme for teenage writers and illustrators. Find out more at www.thestoryis.co.uk

You can find more activities based around Julian’s The Bolds series on The Bolds website.