Lynx, Lichen and Wolves – Oh, my! Rewilding Scotland with Lindsay Littleson 

Discover more about the rewilding movement  
with The Rewilders

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Download an extract from The Rewilders here: chapter-4-The-Rewilders

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P4–P7 / KS2

Explore themes of: 
√ Biodiversity √ Environmental Adventure √ Rewilding Scotland√ Human Impacts on the Environment  
Subject Checklist: 
√Sciences √ Expressive Arts √English Language √ Social Studies √ Geography √ Creative Writing 

At a Glance 
Before watching Lindsay’s event or reading the extract!  

  1. What do you know about ‘rewilding’? Is this a term you have heard of before? 
  1. Which parts of the natural world might need rescuing and why? 
  1. What do you know about lynx, lichen, and wolves? Would you expect to find them in Scotland? 

Book Cover Activity: At Home in the Wild . . . 
Cora the lynx is at the heart of the story in The Rewilders. Look over the illustration on the front cover and consider the following: 

  • Which animal(s) does she remind you of? 
  • What colours are in her fur? What texture might it be? 
  • What words could describe how she moves? 
  • What noises might she make? 
  • How would you feel seeing this beautiful creature in the wild? 

Use these ideas to write a description of Cora in a wild forest of Scotland. Create vivid imagery through the use of verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. 

Read the Extract 
Taken from Chapter Four of ‘The Rewilders’.  

Discussion Questions 

  1. Why is Callum’s heart racing on page 34? What impulse does he ‘fight’ and why?  
  1. What information has Callum googled on page 35? Why might this be useful? 
  1. How is Cora described on page 36? What type of lynx is she? What has she done to the room and why? 
  1. What do we learn about Esme and Callum’s relationship in these opening pages of the chapter? Who is Isobel and how has she treated Callum in the past?  
  1. Why do the characters act with caution around Cora on page 37? How do these cats behave in the wild compared to when they’re cornered? 
  1. How did Cora end up in Jean and Sadie’s care? What mistake did they make? 
  1. Where does Jean think Cora needs to be on page 40? Do you agree with her?  
  1. Who is ‘a massive fan of rewilding’? What has she ‘reintroduced’ to rebalance the ecosystem on pages 41–42? 
  1. Which ‘terrible stories’ have been in the papers on page 44? Why might this make some people question rewilding? 
  1. Who do you think will attempt to take Cora back to the wild? What excitement and danger do you think may lie ahead? 


Get to Know the Author and the Book! 

The Theme of Rewilding 
Lindsay’s book is not only an action-packed adventure, but also inspires readers to learn more about the rewilding movement in Scotland. This is not just about the reintroduction of predators but is about bringing the natural world back to life. 

  • What do you know about the following Scottish ecosystems: rainforests, peat bog, and wetlands? For each one note down why it is under threat. Think about how their biodiversity – all the different kinds of life in that area – might be affected. How might rewilding help? 
  • Then, look over the list below. Can you organise each point into a possible PRO or CON of rewilding?  
  • Protecting, replanting, and giving natural spaces more freedom will enable wildlife to flourish 
  • If reintroduced, predators such as lynx and wolves can restore balance to local ecosystems 
  • Farmers are concerned that reintroducing predators will threaten their livestock 
  • Reintroducing lynx and other animals can regenerate tourism and jobs in local communities 
  • Some people are worried that reintroducing some animals into nature might pose a danger for humans 
  • Animals and plants that were once driven out of nature by humans can return to their natural habitats  
  • Discuss your lists together and have a class debate in which you each explain your thoughts on rewilding.  
  • Create an informative leaflet explaining what rewilding is, why this is an important topic, the benefits of rewilding, and any concerns you or others may have about this subject. 

Your Turn: Living in Harmony with Nature! 

Creating an Action Plan 
Learning to live in harmony with nature is very important in Lindsay’s story. Through her adventure with Callum, Shug, and Luka, Esme reconnects with the environment and finds herself! Take steps to protect another natural space … 

  • In pairs, think of a space in the natural world that is under threat. It could be somewhere in or close to your community or further afield! Use the questions below to create an action plan to protect this space: 
  • WHERE is the natural space you are investigating? 
  • What is the PROBLEM? What threats are posed to nature? 
  • How is the BIODIVERSITY of the eco-system impacted? 
  • What ACTION(S) can you take to protect or reintroduce animals and plant life? 
  • What STEPS could others take? Whose HELP do you need? 
  • How would this create greater HARMONY between humans and nature in the area? 
  • Write a brief report including the findings of your investigation and the details of your action plan. 
  • Create a short presentation to share what you have learned and to inspire others to live in harmony with nature, just like Esme and Callum in the book. 
    Reflection and Further Questions 

Reflection Activity  
Think over all that you have learned. Perhaps you have been inspired to learn more about the rewilding movement across the world? Or you’ve thought about how you could live in greater harmony with nature . . . 

On a world map, place pins or stickers to mark THREE different places you’d love to visit and learn more about their rewilding projects. Sketch a picture of an animal or plant you might see in each place.  

Lastly, do you have any final questions you would like to ask Lindsay if you got the chance? Try to think of at least two and make a note of them.  

Keep your eye out for more awesome books from Lindsay Littleson, as well as the other authors from the Edinburgh International Book Festival!