What’s the Big Idea?

In 2017, our Baillie Gifford Schools Programme challenges young minds to question, imagine and wonder. The programme brings together well-established writers, illustrators and performers from every corner of the globe, along with some shining new talent.

This year’s Baillie Gifford Schools Programme runs from 21-29 August 2017 and all events take place in Charlotte Square Gardens, right in the heart of Edinburgh. There are events for every year group, primary and secondary (full events list below), and the programme has been put together with the Curriculum for Excellence in mind.

We are also committed to making books more affordable for pupils and schools. See our Visiting With Your School page for more information.

You can download the 2017 brochure here.

Alternatively, if you would like to receive a printed copy of the schools programme, please email mailinglist@edbookfest.co.uk

Baillie Gifford Gala Day for Primary Schools

Primary schools have the Book Festival all to themselves on Baillie Gifford Gala Day. Taking place on Tuesday 29 August 2017, it’s an extravaganza of world class writers, storytelling, illustration, music and magic.

Come and join in the fun in 2017 at the largest festival of books and authors for children in the world!

2017 Baillie Gifford Schools Programme Event Listings

Date/Time Age Range Author 
Monday 21 August
10.30am P7—S2 Elizabeth Laird
10.30am S3—S5 Sebastien de Castell
11.00am P4—P6 Sam Gayton
11.45am P1—P3 Tony Ross
12.00pm P1—P3 Kasia Matyjaszek
12.15pm P6—S1 Diana Hendry & Moira Young
12.15pm P3—P5 Neill Cameron
12.30pm S3—S6 Catherine Barter & Christoffer Carlsson
1.30pm P3—P5 Chris Hoy with Clare Elsom & Joanna Nadin
Tuesday 22 August
10.00am P1—P2 Emily Dodd
10.30am P7—S2 Robin Jarvis & Scarlett Thomas
10.30am P1—P3 Laura Hughes & Pip Jones
11.00am S3—S6 Will Hill & Jason Wallace
11.45am P1—P3 Kristina Stephenson
12.15pm S2—S4 Holly Bourne & Cat Clarke
12.15pm P4—P6 Ben Davis
12.30pm S5—S6 The Last Poets
Wednesday 23 August
10.00am P1—P2 Britta Teckentrup
10.30am P4—P6 Lari Don
10.30am S3—S6 CANCELLED: Laura Ruby
REPLACEMENT: Kirkland Ciccone
11.00am P1—P3 Mac & Mike
11.45am S1—S3 Theresa Breslin
12.15pm S2—S4 Nicola Morgan
12.15pm P3—P5 Judy Paterson
12.30pm P2—P4 Jenny Colgan
1.30pm P6—S2 Cathy MacPhail
Thursday 24 August
10.30am P5—S1 Dave Rudden & J R Wallis
10.30am P3—P6 Joshua Seigal
11.00am S1—S3 Elizabeth Wein
11.45am P1—P3 Bronwyn Houston
12.15pm S2—S4 Greg Garrett
12.15pm S2—S4 Patrice Lawrence
12.30pm P6—S1 Chloe Daykin & Maz Evans
1.30pm P7—S2 David Almond
Friday 25 August
10.00am P1—P3 Emma Yarlett
10.30am P4—P7 Gillian Cross
10.30am P6—S2 Geraldine Bradley & Emma Shoard
11.00am S4—S6 Steven Camden & Jared Thomas
11.45am S1—S3 Robert Muchamore
11.45am P3—P5 Fiona Bird
12.15pm P1—P3 Chloë Inkpen CANCELLED
12.30pm P6—S1 Shane Hegarty
1.30pm S3—S5 Marcus Sedgwick
Monday 28 August
10.30am P1—P3 Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet
10.30am S5—S6 Steven Amsterdam
11.00am P5—P7 M G Leonard
11.30am P1—P2 Jim Field
11.45am S1—S4 Darren Shan
12.15pm P1—P3 Philip Ardagh & Tom Morgan-Jones
12.15pm P6—S1 Emma Carroll
12.30pm P1—P2 Guy Parker-Rees
1.30pm S2—S4 Lauren James & Philip Reeve
Baillie Gifford Gala Day    
Tuesday 29 August
10.00am P2—P5 Kate Milner
10.15am P2—P4 Chris Higgins & Emily MacKenzie
10.30am P3—P6 William Sutcliffe
10.30am P5—P7 Cuilean Craicte & Tom Morgan-Jones
11.00am P1—P3 Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton
11.45am P6—P7 Mitch Johnson
11.45am Relaxed Event — see event information Macastory Relaxed Event
12.15pm P5—P7 Mike Nicholson
12.15pm P3—P6 Sylvia Bishop
12.45pm P2—P4 Ian Billings & Chris White
1.30pm P2—P5 John Dougherty & Tom Morgan-Jones
1.30pm P4—P7 Gill Arbuthnott & Doug MacDonald