All You Need is Love! Changing the World for the Better with Georgina Stevens 

Investigate how to protect the planet  
with Climate Action: The Future is in Our Hands

Watch the event here:

Download the resource here: Georgina-Stevens-2

Download the extract here: pages-7-8-Climate-Change

P2–P4 / KS2 

Explore themes of: 
√ Climate Change √Global Warming√ Sustainability √ Taking Action√ Hope 
Subject Checklist: 
√Sciences √ Geography√ English Language√ Social Studies √ Expressive Arts 

At a Glance 
Before watching Georgina’s event or reading the extract!  

  1. What is climate change? Why do we need to take ‘action’? 
  1. What do you think ‘the future is in our hands’ means? 
  1. Can you spot illustrations of nature on the cover? What needs protecting and why? 

Book Cover Activity: Act Now! . . . 
There are lots of different ways to raise awareness about climate change! Look at the cover of Climate Action. Consider the following: 

  • What do you notice about the people holding up placards? 
  • What makes them different? What do they have in common? 
  • What do their placards say? What does each one mean? 
  • How might this demonstration encourage change? 

Design your own placard or poster encouraging others to take peaceful action against climate change. Think about how can you make it stand out. What simple message could have a big impact? Put your placards and posters on display to spread the word! 

Read the Extract 
Taken from pages 7–8 of ‘Climate Action’.  

Discussion Questions 

  1. What is global warming? What is the average surface temperature on Earth? 
  1. Can you find the names of any greenhouse gases on page 7? 
  1. How do greenhouse gases heat the Earth? Why is it a problem if their levels increase too much? 
  1. What are the natural causes of global warming? What is the main cause?  
  1. How have the illustrations and colours on page 7 helped you to understand the process of global warming? 
  1. What is the main cause of greenhouse gases on page 8? Does this surprise you? 
  1. What percentage of greenhouse gases is transport responsible for? Which modes of transport are more environmentally friendly? 
  1. What other things do we burn greenhouse gases for? How might you reduce your contribution to our rising emissions? 
  1. Why is it important to talk openly about your feelings in relation to climate change? How do you feel discussing this topic today? 
  1. Why are there still lots of reasons to be hopeful about the future of our planet? Why is it not too late to make positive change?

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Get to Know the Author and the Book! 

The Theme of Protecting our Planet 
Georgina’s book is not only informative, but it also encourages readers to recognise how amazing our planet is with its biodiversity of many different habitats, animals, plants, and organisms – all the more reason to protect it! 

  • Draw the outline of a large heart on a big sheet of paper. Inside it, sketch all the things you love about planet Earth. Use a globe or map to help you think about:  
  • Different species of animals and insects 
  • Incredible landscapes and habitats across the world 
  • Beautiful bodies of water and organisms that live there 
  • Weird and wonderful weather from the elements 
  • Stunning natural landmarks you would love to see 
  • Discuss your hearts together; what do they have in common? What makes them different? How do they inspire and motivate you to protect nature? 
  • Write a newspaper article about our wonderful planet and why it is worth protecting. In the article, talk about why we are lucky to live on such an incredible planet, the problem of climate change, who and what needs our protection, and why there is reason for hope. 
  • In groups, discuss other ways of expressing your love for planet Earth and your feelings about climate change. Perhaps you could write a song or a poem? Or could you use another artistic art form like dance? Get creative and have fun! 

Your Turn: Eco Squad! 

Inspiring Change 
Georgina’s book is full of ideas about how to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Form your own Eco Squad in order to make positive changes in your area… 

  • Form your Eco Squad with one or two other people and create a mind-map detailing important climate challenges in your area. Use the following questions to help you: 
  • How do people travel in your local area? Are there issues with pollution?  
  • Is littering and single-use plastic a big problem? 
  • Are water and electricity wasted in any venues or buildings? 
  • Is wildlife under threat due to human activity in any natural spaces? 
  • Is there an issue with people buying too much ‘stuff’ and creating waste?  
  • Are there vegan options and Fairtrade products available and affordable? 
  • Does your area rely on fossil fuels or are there renewable energy sources? 
  • Plan an adult-supervised eco-friendly event with your Eco Squad to discuss the climate challenges in your area and what people can do to help. This could be an event at school, in the community, or even an afternoon at one of your homes. 
  • Your event might include: vegan food and no single-use plastics; fundraising for conservation causes in your community; information about how to reduce your carbon footprint; a clothes or goods swap to reduce waste; a litter-picking crew. 
  • Spread the word amongst your friends and family to encourage others to do their bit to tackle climate change! 

Reflection and Further Questions 

Reflection Activity  
Think over all that you have learned. Perhaps you have been inspired to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Or you feel more hopeful about the future of our planet … 

Draw seven boxes and label them with each day of the week. For each day, could you make one small change to live more sustainably? For example, maybe you could have a vegetarian lunch at school on Monday? Or perhaps you could re-use a bottle instead of buying a new one?   

Lastly, do you have any final questions you would like to ask Georgina if you got the chance? Try to think of at least two and make a note of them.  

Keep your eye out for more awesome books from Georgina Stevens, as well as the other authors from the Edinburgh International Book Festival! 

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