Enter the Forest of Lost Things with David C. Flanagan … if you DARE!!! 

Set off on a magical, fantasy adventure  
with Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things! 

Download this resource here: David-C.-Flanagan

Download an extract from the book here: chapter-1-Uncle-Pete-and-the-Forest-of-Lost-Things_Manuscript

Watch David’s event at Edinburgh International Book Festival 2022 here: https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/the-festival/whats-on/enter-the-forest-of-lost-things-with-david-c-flanagan-and-will-hughes

P2–P5 / KS1–2 

Explore themes of: 
√ Fantasy Writing √ Adventure √ Magical Settings √ Creating Characters√ Friendship 
Subject Checklist: 
√ Creative Writing √ Expressive Arts√ English Language √ Social Studies

At a Glance 
Before watching David’s event or reading the extract!  

  1. What might you expect from a fantasy adventure story? Can you give examples? 
  1. What do you think Uncle Pete will find in the magical Forest of Lost Things? 
  1. How might he get there? What magical transportation might he need? 

Book Cover Activity: The Adventure Begins . . . 
Fantasy adventure stories are exciting, fun, and even scary at times! Look at the cover of Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things. Draw one speech bubble for Uncle Pete and another for his mouse companion – TM. Inside them, note down the conversation these characters are having about their magical adventure. Consider the following: 

  • Where are they heading to and why? 
  • What might they be feeling? 
  • What magic and excitement may lie ahead? 
  • What dangers and challenges may they face? 
  • What will the characters need to do? 

Roleplay the characters’ conversation in pairs, acting out the scene from the book cover. 

Read the Extract 
Taken from Chapter One of ‘Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things’.  

Discussion Questions 

  1. What are Uncle Pete and TM eating on page 2? Why are they so hungry? 
  1. How did Uncle Pete and TM help Harry in their last adventure? How do you think the magical blanket might have worked? 
  1. What did Uncle Pete’s plane run out of? What might have happened to this plane? 
  1. How long have Uncle Pete and TM been home? What do they decide to do for their next adventure?  
  1. On page 3, what has Uncle Pete made for TM and why? What does this tell you about their relationship? 
  1. What is the title of the book that Uncle Pete takes down from the shelf? What does this suggest about the forest? 
  1. How do things end up lost in the forest? How do they get there? 
  1. On page 4, why is it easy to get lost in the forest? What does TM think about this? 
  1. What do we learn about the squirrels on page 4? What does Uncle Pete decide to pack and why? 
  1. What is your impression of Uncle Pete and TM from the opening chapter of the book? What do you think will happen on their adventure? 

If you liked Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things then you can find out what happened in Uncle Pete and TM’s first adventure in the fantastic first book in the series, Uncle Pete and the Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep. Available NOW at all good bookstores.


Get to Know the Book! 

The Theme of Friendship 
David’s book is not only about magic and adventure, but also about friendship and kindness – after all, Uncle Pete really would be lost without his companion TM and their other friends! 

  • Look at the key words below which describe TM in Uncle Pete and the Forest of Lost Things. For each one, note down why this makes her a great friend to have on their adventure: 
  • BRAVE 
  • KIND 
  • FUNNY 
  • Using TM for inspiration, create your own companion to join you on an adventure to a magical forest. Think about what animal might they be. Which qualities would they possess? Why would they be a great friend to have on your adventure? 
  • Create a character profile for your companion, including a sketch and a few sentences describing them and their qualities. 
  • Note down what you would pack for your adventure together. You might even include some jam sandwiches, so that you and your companion don’t get hungry! 

 Your Turn: Writing a Magical Fantasy Adventure! 

DARING to Enter the Forest 
The Forest of Lost Things is described as one of the “PLACES YOU SHOULD NOT VISIT. EVER!”. However, this only makes Uncle Pete, TM, and us readers even more curious and determined to explore it! Create your own magical story inspired by the book … 

  • Spend a few moments thinking about the book’s title. Consider the following questions: 
  • Which ancient ‘lost things’ might you find there?  
  • What legends might they be a part of? 
  • What makes the forest magical? 
  • Why is it described as a place nobody should ever visit?  
  • Which magical creatures might live there? 
  • What else might you see and hear walking through this forest? 
  • Use these ideas to write your own fantasy adventure story about recovering a ‘lost thing’ from a magical forest, entitled ‘The Forest of Lost Things’. Plan what will happen in the beginning, middle, and end of your story and don’t forget to include your companion from the previous activity! 
  • Sketch the book cover for your story, making it eye-catching and appealing just like the illustrator Will Hughes has done for David’s cover. 
  • Share the first paragraphs of your stories together, making predictions about what kinds of magic and danger may lie in each forest!

Reflection and Further Questions 

Reflection Activity  
Think over all that you have learned. Perhaps you have been inspired to read or write more adventure stories? Or you’ve thought about somewhere you would like to go to experience your own adventure . . . 

Design a bookmark sketching the setting for Uncle Pete and TM’s next adventure. What magic awaits them? What creatures might they meet? What danger lies ahead?  

Lastly, do you have any final questions you would like to ask David if you got the chance? Try to think of at least two and make a note of them.  

Keep your eye out for more awesome books from David C Flanagan, as well as the other authors from the Edinburgh International Book Festival!