I Come From: Writing Identity with Juno Dawson

This resource is great for:
Thinking about identity and discovering the difference between abstract and concrete nouns and ideas.

A video of Juno Dawson leading you through a simple writing exercise to get you thinking about identity, filmed at the 2018 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Download this resource:
I Come From: Writing Identity with Juno Dawson – PDF version
I Come From: Writing Identity with Juno Dawson – Word doc


Juno Dawson is the author of amazing fiction and non-fiction young adult books including Clean, This Book is Gay and The Gender Games, which explore issues including drug use, friendship and gender. Who better to ask to create a learning resource for us exploring writing about identity!

Video Resource

Follow Juno’s straightforward instructions in the video below to get your ideas flowing and start writing a piece on identity. You just need something to write on and something to write with. She’ll walk you through everything step-by-step. There are countdowns to give you time to write and feed back to your class – but feel free to pause the video if you need longer!

The video ends with you using your writing prompts to create a longer piece of writing.

Further information:

As part of the Book Festival’s year-round On the Road programme, we have been exploring the concept of identity with Edinburgh students from Craigroyston High School, Liberton High School and Broughton High School. Our Writer-in-Residence Claire Askew has taken up the challenge and has been venturing to each school once a week to offer wide-ranging creative writing activities. If you would like some inspiration, please follow the progress of this project on our On the Road blog here: ontheroad.edbookfest.co.uk