book cover of while the storm rages by phil earle

Protecting your furry family through thick and thin: While the Storm Rages by Phil Earle

Publishers Andersen Press have created this fantastic chapter-by-chapter resource to accompany Phil Earle’s While the Storm Rages. 

Why not use it in class before your trip to Phil’s event as part of our  Baillie Gifford Schools Programme!

Second / Third and Fourth

Explore themes of: 
√ War √ Family √ Hope √ Community √ Empathy

Subject Checklist: 
√ Expressive Arts √ English Language √Social Studies √ Creative Writing 

Synopsis: Join Noah in an unforgettable wartime mission to save his beloved dog, Winn. September 1939. The world is on the brink of war. As his dad marches off to fight, Noah makes him a promise to keep their beloved family dog safe. When the government advises people to have their pets put down in readiness for the chaos of war, hundreds of thousands of people do as they are told. But not Noah. He’s not that sort of boy.

With his two friends in tow, he goes on the run, to save his dog and as many animals as he can. No matter what. A powerful WW2 adventure inspired by true events from award-winning author Phil Earle. Perfect for fans of When the Sky Falls.

This learning resource was created by:

Scott Evans – Twitter: @MrEPrimary Blog /