Powerful Forces with Emily Dodd

This resource is great for:
Learning about the forces of nature.

An interview with author and science communicator Emily Dodd and associated activities designed to help your understanding of the forces of nature.

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Emily Dodd is a fantastic author of both picture books and non-fiction. When we heard that her latest series explained forces of nature including Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Wind Power in a fascinating and accessible way, we jumped at the opportunity to ask her some questions. Prepare to be blown away!

Read the interview in full here


Part One – Wind Power

In the interview, Emily explains why wind power is a renewable and clean type of energy, and why it’s a great type to use in blowy Scotland!

  • How many types of power can you name?
  • Which ones of these are renewable, like wind power?
  • Make a list of the good and bad things about each type of energy. For example, wind power is renewable BUT it can only be captured in places where there is a lot of wind.
  • Choose one type of energy and research how we turn it into the power in our homes.
  • In pairs, draw a picture (or series of pictures) which show how we turn your chosen energy into power in our homes.

Part Two – Volcanoes, Tsunamis & Earthquakes

Emily tells us about the Ring of Fire, the area with the most volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes in the world.

  • Get a globe, map or online map and find the Ring of Fire.
  • Which countries do you think will be affected by the tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes there?
  • Search online – can you find examples of news stories about natural disasters in these areas?
  • What effects do these types of disasters have on the people in these areas?

Part Three – Gravity

At the end of the interview, Emily talks you through a couple of easy exercises which demonstrate another powerful force – gravity. So get up on your feet, make like Isaac Newton, and discover the force of gravity!

Further information:

You can find out more about Emily and her work on her blog: auntyemily.wordpress.com