What’s the T? with Juno Dawson & Special Guests

This activity encourages children to consider the difference between gender and sex whilst exploring and unpicking societal gender assumptions.

Second Level / Third/Fourth Level – KS2/3

Explore themes of:
√ Gender, sex and sexuality √  Different Perspectives √  Family and Friendships √  Empathy

Subject Checklist:
√ Expressive Arts √  English Language √  Social Studies √  Well-being and Health

Watch the event:

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Download the resources:

What-the-T-with-Juno-Dawson Word Doc

What-the-T-with-Juno-Dawson PDF

Download the extract from What’s the T? by Juno Dawson to accompany the resources:

What’s the T by Juno Dawson Extract pg. 10-15

Further information:

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