Writing Resistance with Nikita Gill and Nic Stone

Spend up to four lessons using SLAM! and Dear Justyce to explore themes of resistance and activism, the importance of challenging prejudice – and finding your voice through performance poetry.

Third and fourth (S1-3) and Senior Phase (S4-6) / KS3 and KS4

Explore themes of:
√ Poetry √ Resistance and Activism √ Social Justice √ Racism √ Challenging Prejudice

Subject Checklist:
√ Expressive Arts √ English Language √ Social Studies √ Creative Writing

Note to teachers: These books contain some material that may not be suitable for some students. We recommend that teachers read the books carefully before using it in the classroom or recommending it to students and/or seek parental guidance.

Download the resources:
Writing Resistance with Nikita Gill and Nic Stone PDF
Writing Resistance with Nikita Gill and Nic Stone Word

Download an extract from SLAM! by Nikita Gill to accompany the resources:
SLAM! by Nikita Gill Intro

Further information:
If you enjoyed that then why not also try these discussion notes created by SLAM! publishers Pan Macmillan:
SLAM! by Nikita Gill Discussion Notes

*Please note: these resources were originally created to accompany an event as part of the Book Festival online 2020, but they work equally well to accompany the books or to explore the themes!